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Rompers began as a child's dress back in the 1900s. In France, Romper was worn by boys in 1950s, until it finally became fashionable and it serves as female beachwear. Rompers is now an easy-to-wear piece that has captured the hearts of avant-garde women around the world.

There are many people who have different opinions about rompers. Rompers can have short sleeves or can be sleeveless. They are usually in jersey or cotton. You can find more of them in elegant silk and poly/rayon blends. Many women consider rompers to be comfortable lingerie for vacation or when you are trying to bring out the feminine in you.

The Faith romper is made from a lace material and mesh which makes the fabric comfortable and you can sleep all night in the lingerie. It has a see-through floral mesh lace with an open back design which makes it to easily show off your sexy curve. It features a lace-trimmed front V-neckline, cross back spaghetti straps and elastic waist. Rompers are so beautiful, soft and have a vintage feel. In addition to photos, they are ideal for games and parties. Faith romper comes in a black elegant color.

Rompers are generally well-fitted lingerie that can be irresistible to a woman's curves. However, you can surely find the plus sized rompers too. There are some women who believe that if a person is overweight, they should not use them because they emphasize a bulge or extra body fat. However, it is possible to find the right size for larger women. This is mainly about how a woman feels comfortable.

Since summer is the best time to get a romper while displaying those sexy legs, the romper helps to enhance the look of the woman and draw attention to her gorgeous and toned back.

Perfect as beachwear, these rompers can also be used for other attractive uses, one of them is your private zone, in the bedroom. At the end of a stressful day, if you want you and your partner to be in a romantic mood, wearing one of these rompers will ensure that it happens.

The romper can also be used with other outfits, such as socks or dresses, which gives them a completely different and casual look. So you can go from the beach to a dinner party or even take a stroll around the park, believing that all the while being very confident of the fact that everybody's eyes are glued to you.

When you choose your faith romper

Faith romper is designed to be comfortable, so avoid anything that is too tight. You do not want all of your curves to be outside the edge line. 

If you wear the faith romper, you must show your natural beauty. Too much fussing with your hair or makeup does not match the "romper look". So keep your hair loose with the flowing waves. And choose the natural colors of the makeup. Also, do not cover your feet with stockings or socks. Faith romper must be an attraction of the stars, so everything about your lingerie must be subtle.

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