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Lingerie as Outerwear: How to Rock Your Underwear Outside in Style

The fashion is definitely the most dynamic industry globally. There is no permanent style, and you will be surprised that what is in vogue today, can suddenly become an old-school within a short time. Trends are meant to evolve constantly, and if you don’t jump at it at the right moment, you may be left behind.

Have you ever wondered why fashion designers pay so much attention to lingerie’s craftsmanship and unique designs? Do you think it’s solely because it’s indoor wear that is befitting to the eyes of your partner alone? Of course, no! They possibly know that there will be a time when fashion enthusiasts and the beautiful ladies will want to get on the bandwagon of lingerie as outwear.

What pops into your head when you first heard the topic of taking the highly reserved and conservative lingerie to the limelight? The thoughts of the likes of Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Bella Hadid, Olivia Munn, Rita Ora, Beyoncé, Winnie Harlow, and other celebrities come into your mind, right?

Well, the highly revered celebs might be the first to give it a shot, but can I surprise you? You can rock your lingerie as outwear without constituting a nuisance to the society. It can be as modest as having the lace trim of your bra stylishly popping out beneath your top.

As your fashion guardian, I will briefly walk you through the different ways through which you can rock your lingerie as outwear, and guess what? It will be so minimal that you won’t even attract a violation of the dress code from the HR of your company.

I will show you the perfect hack to incorporate lingerie as everyday attire. And for entrepreneurs, students, beauty model, and upcoming artists, this is the perfect opportunity to show the world that you are not afraid to display your exemplary fashion sense.

While not all lingerie qualifies to be an outwear unless you give no hoot about whatever anyone says, we have handpicked some of the lingerie that fits as an outwear for you, and I bet you will love them.

1. Step up the Bodysuits

Bodysuit lingerie has been trending for a couple of months now. If you have not yet given it a try yet, it’s never too late. The good side of the bodysuit is that you can wear it out without looking sexually provocative.

With bodysuit lingerie, you can give yourself some bra break without having to worry about the probing eyes of admirers seeing through your body. Our Viola Bodysuit is ideal lingerie as outwear as it leaves no room for clothes gaping open. 

If you are going for a bolder piece with see-through feature like our Samantha bodysuit, you can cover your sensitive parts with a pair of the jacket. Also, a sleek pant or denim trouser will make a good compliment.

2. Lace it Up with Babydoll/Chemise

If you love adventure and you’re a fan of taking big risks just like me, a pair of a Babydoll will give you that daring look you have been clamoring for. You can complement it by tucking it into skinny jeans that give you that much coveted classy and chic look. If you are a newbie to the lingerie world, you may mistake a Babydoll for a Chemise.

Although both look like short nightgowns, a chemise is more fitting to the body and reveals your shape better. It usually hits just around the mid-thing while Babydoll lingerie has a shorter hemline, looser fits with cups for extra chest support.

Whether you are rooting for babydoll or voting for chemise as your next week outdoor wear, you can hide your clothes opening with a jacket, and if it’s a night outing, you can leave it when you are on loose chemise like our Beauty Night Genevieve

3. Give Reverse Layering a Shot

Do you fantasize wearing bustier and corsets as outwear? Something like our Print Bustier and G-String. Of course, you can; the secret is layering!

You can try reverse layering by wearing your bra as visible wear over your lingerie. The only thing you need to do is to pick a stylish bra that compliments your base outfit. If you want to offset the sultriness, consider wearing a jumbo sweater or an over-sized shirt on it.

Hey beauty, you don’t need to over analyze about joining the trend of wearing lingerie as outerwear. If it boosts your confidence, makes you happy and showcases your personality, then you have to need to sweat yourself on people opinion about your choice of wear!

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